Gesundbrewing and rolling out the Randall

Last weekend the lovely folk at The Castle Pub opened their doors to ourselves and many other fantastic breweries for two days of merry, social, beer fuelled fun. Safe to say we had a good time and today we are going to talk a little about the event and also introduce you to our latest toy, Randall.

A seriously eclectic and ambitious line up of Breweries descended on Wedding for this edition of Gesundbrewing with Dancing Camel hailing from Israel, Kingin from Poland, Yeastie Boys from New Zealand and Steamworks from Canada the festival had a genuinely global feel.



We brought along our newest addition “Randall the Enamel Animal” recently acquired from the magnificently friendly and helpful Dogfish Head Brewery. If you have never tried anything from Dogfish Head previously you really need to, their beer is as phenomenal as their customer service.

A quick introduction for those of you have had not previously had the pleasure of meeting “Randall”. The brainchild of one of the Dogfish Head engineers the Randall was specifically designed in 2002 to win a hop battle in Washington D.C called “The Lupulin Slam”. This event brought together East and West Coast Brewers to pit each others IPA’s against each other. Dogfish Head (not a brewery to do things by half) brewed a special 120 IBU 20% Imperial IPA called 120 minute IPA for the occasion but also invented “Randall the Enamel Animal” in order to be able to further hop the beer between the keg and the glass.

Randall is basically a water filter specifically adapted to enable flavour infusion of beer after kegging. Initially designed for hops as previously mentioned, it was not long before the craft beer community were stuffing Randall full of all sorts of weird and wonderful ingredients. We decided to to give our California Wheat an extra fruit kick! You can see our Randall full of Grapes and Grapefruit Peel on the first day of Gesundbrewing below.

BeFunky Collage

The next day we went for a slightly sweeter combination infusing the California Wheat with Mango and Blood Orange and we have to say we were delighted by the results both days. Although the weather outside begged to differ we were trying to bring a little taste of summertime to the party. This is one of the things we love about these beer festivals: the chance to experiment.

The other thing we love about attending events like Gesundbrewing is the chance to try new beers, make new friends and hang out with some old ones. We were lucky enough to be situated next to our good friends from Pirate Brew Berlin (One half pictured below). The whole event had a such a fun relaxed atmosphere and it was amazing to speak to so many people so passionate about good beer.


The only real shame about an event as good as Gesundbrewing is that it only happens twice a year, fortunately The Castle Pub is open seven days a week with 20 odd craft beers on tap so you don’t have to wait til the next installment if you want to check it out.

If you want to meet Randall will be putting him through his paces again next Tuesday and Wednesday at Stone Brewery in Mariendorf for their first Stone University event focused on Winter Beers. Come say hello to both us and Randall and see what treats we have in store for you then.