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Modern German Beer

Modern German brewing culture is what we stand for. Five main beers, different sour beers, and seasonal specialties, all handcrafted with a passion for great beer.

We bring Modern German Beer to Berlin and the world.




Our beers

Our head brewer loves to explore and experiment. The results are always exciting and of the finest quality – tradition meets modernity!

Our five flagship beers — Lager, Bantam Pils, Pale Ale,California Wheat Ale and Berliner Weisse — are available on tap and in bottles 365 days a year. We also craft seasonal and limited special brews, which differ in flavor, but are always delightfully drinkable.

We brew our beers in  Neukölln, Hohenthann and different Berlin breweries. The reason why we currently do not brew all the beers in our own brewery in Berlin, we explain HIER.


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Bergschloss - Our Taproom 1
Bergschloss - Our Taproom 3


Berlin brewing

Our aim is to bring back brewing tradition to Berlin and the rest of Germany.

In a city where once dozens of breweries existed, each with a special way of brewing beers. We want to reinstall this craftsmanship by combining traditional brewing with modern influences of the international craft beer movement. Most importantly we want to brew delicious beers!

We are using all means necessary in order to create great beers with distinct flavors, whether it be hand selected ingredients and their generous amounts, or the brewing methods and a proper maturing process. We want to create beers that have a character! With our experienced head brewer we want to revive Berlin’s brewing tradition and supply our creative, pulsing capital with a tasty, regional beer that proudly represents Berlin.

Bergschloss - Our Taproom

Our taproom in the heart of Berlin’s district Neukölln was built with a lot of love, sweat and eye for details by us. A cosy place where you would like to spend a couple of hours just to hang out with your friends. For us, our Bergschloss is a place to have good beers, laugh, tell stories, play cards, or just be.  On 9 taps we present all our beers to our guests and have bottles for take out.

Visit our Bergschloss

Bergschloss - Our Taproom 1
Bergschloss - Our Taproom 2
Bergschloss - Our Taproom 3


The bar is open is from Thursday to Saturday 7pm – 1am. You can always check Facebook for special occasions.

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