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and Craftsmanship


About Berliner Berg

Neukölln brewing tradition


With a love and passion for traditional craft, we brew extraordinary Modern German Beer in Neukölln, Hohenthann and different Berlin breweries. Every Berliner Berg beer is inspired by our capital city and its incredible history. 

Our Philosophy

Tradition Meets Modernity

Every bottle of Berliner Berg stands for traditional brewing culture inspired by the spirit of Berlin. We combine the old and the new, to brew the finest Modern German Beer.

Our aim is to bridge the gap between German brewing tradition and the international craft beer movement. We re-interpret well-known and forgotten beer styles creatively, following our passion for flavor and complexity by using quality ingredients.  

With our four main beers, we have made the best effort to manufacture beers using traditional craftsmanship. Our seasonal specialties change the game and celebrate a great variety in taste and flavor of beer. We love to think outside the box.

We work exclusively with high-quality materials and always focus on keeping the beer as natural as possible. That’s why Berliner Berg beer is always unfiltered.

The Berliner Berg brewery brews beer for the small and big moments in life, something to drink with friends, in the backyard, at the beach or at the bar.

Our history

Spring 2015: As lovers of hops and malt, Uli, Robin and Finn were tired of the lame industrial beers threatening old traditions, craftsmanship and the variety of beer styles in Germany.

Unable to accept the current state of their home country’s brewing culture, these ambitious guys wanted to become the other half of an industry, that for too long was controlled by the same few businesses.

Robin, Uli and Finn decided to bring real, high-quality beers back to Berlin – a city that once counted on more than 100 breweries to meet the huge demand of a vivid scene.

The trio founded the Berliner Berg brewery in 2015, and brought the experienced brewmaster Richie Hodges on board. Together, they began developing beers that hit the sweet spot of both local heroes and craft beer fans.

A core range of Berliner Berg bestsellers were created, brewed and bottled by Richie himself in Hohenthann at the Hohentanner Schlossbrauerei, this brewery was chosen because the team found the perfect conditions there to realize the creation of the high standard of beer they desired.  — a typical case of Gypsy Brewing!

In the meantime, a successful crowdfunding campaign paved the way for the eventual opening of the Berliner Berg speciality brewery in Neukölln. During this process, many obstacles had to be overcome, but adamant teamwork, true passion and a clear goal made the dream come true.

In fall of 2017, the big day finally arrived: Our specialty brewery moved into the rear courtyard of Kopfstrasse 59. This is the first important step in order to eventually move the entire beer production to Berlin. Why we currently do not brew every beer in our own facility in Berlin we explain HIER.

A full list of our main beers, specialties and co-brews can be found here.

With our new brewmaster, Torsten Vullriede, a new and highly creative mind being added to the crew, the team continues to grow. Together, we are working to revive old traditions and bring true beer variety to Germany.

Find out here, what the Berliner Berg speciality brewery looks like today.

Our Team

Berliner Berg - Craftbeer Team

The Berliner Berg brewery is a team made up of passionate beer lovers. Instead of complaining about boring industrial beers, we want to change the game and brew really good, handcrafted beer.

Carefully selected raw materials, exciting flavors and German brewing tradition are the starting points for every Berliner Berg beer. But only a team of creative, highly skilled and motivated beer enthusiasts can give them their unique style.

Meet the makers of the Berliner Berg brewery and see who is behind the beers you enjoy so much!


(Managing Director & Founder)

Family father, doctor of financial sciences and beer sommelier, Uli is our master of numbers. Inspired by his years in the United States and a passion for great beer, he and his friends, Robin and Finn, founded the Berliner Berg brewery in 2015.

Having already successfully established several start-ups, this visionary brings a lot of entrepreneurial experience with him. Now he is kick starting our brewery with Robin and the rest of the team, always with the goal of bringing traditional brewing culture back to Berlin in mind.

Uli’s favorite Berliner Berg beer: Pale Ale


(Managing Director)

Michèle has been, quite literally, running the show since 2016, since she is head of marketing and sales at the Berliner Berg brewery. She loves to juggle, the more balls in the air, the better!

With her “company car”, a grass-green vintage road bike, Michèle heads one appointment to the next for us. The eloquent former press lady of Veganz works with both heart and hand. She doesn’t mince matters and always speaks quite frankly.

Michèle’s favorite Berliner Berg beer: Cali Wheat Ale


(Managing Director & Founder)

Robin works and plays hard, and spearheads all activities in the Berliner Berg brewery. The former culture and event manager has a huge talent for organization. Before he and Uli decided to brew Modern German Beer, Robin worked at several Berlin-based start-ups.

The managing director is responsible for production, logistics and quality assurance. Lady-dog Gretchen accompanies Robin every day to the Berliner Berg office and dutifully safeguards her owner’s secret snack supplies.

Robin’s favorite Berliner Berg beer: Bantam Pils


(Managing Director & Founder)

Even in the most stressful situations, this Flensburg native always manages to keep a smile on his face and in his next life will certainly be the life of the party.

Known around town as a marketing Guru, Finn provides us with the direction for our marketing strategy. His time in Australia as well as his endless involvement in the Berlin Start-up world has made him an expert in Web 2.0. Together with Michèle, he organizes cool events and collaborations for Berliner Berg.

Finn’s favorite Berliner Berg beer: Cali Wheat Ale



A textbook craftsman. Torsten received his training as brewer and maltster in Northern Germany and worked several years for a German brewery, before the ambitious man studied beverage technology.

Torsten’s next stops took him abroad. With Meantime Brewing he found a new exciting project in England. The brewery experienced massive growth during the Olympics and Torsten was in the middle of it all. He then found his way to Switzerland and Lägere Bräu, where he passionately drove the brewery’s development forward. He left a strong mark on their beer selection.

Since September 2017, Torsten calls the Berliner Berg brewery his new home and creative workshop.

Torsten’s favorite Berliner Berg beer: Bantam Pils



Newest member of our brew-team is Australian sunshine Cristal. Biologist turned brewer and former beer expert at Bierlieb, she recently started impressing Berlin’s craft beer scene with her own creations as Parasite Produktions. She also writes on all matters beer related for beer specialty magazine Bier, Bars & Brauer.

In our specialty brewery in Kopfstraße Cristal will be getting wild with the biology of sour beers.

Cristal’s favorite Berliner Berg beer: Cherry Pie



It’s amazing that we get to experience some Mediterranean flavor with Niki, our new arrival from Greece. The no. 1 IPA from his home country is his very own creation and he is now helping us out (thank you ERASMUS) on Kopfstraße.

Nicky’s favorite Berliner Berg beer: Bitter-sweet Double IPA



Regular guests of the Berliner Berg brewery might know Tim from behind the Bergschloss bar. In 2016 he switched workplaces, but no worries, he didn’t go far. Tim now hustles behind the scenes and takes care of commercial orders, instead of filling up your glasses. Undeniably, he still taps one beer or another – after work of course.

Tim’s favorite Berliner Berg beer: Wet Hop IPA



(Office - Organisation)
She is a Foodie and Beer Enthusiast through and through, since completing her German Literature Studies she has pursued her passion for food by writing a blog and cookbooks. After a a brief love affair with Coffee she discovered Craft Beer and has never looked back! At Berliner Berg she is responsible for the office organization and internal sales, maintaining order amidst the everyday hustle bustle of the brewery.
Franz´s favorite Berliner Berg beer: Pale Ale



This Bavarian makes sure that you can find your favorite Berliner Berg beer in the stores. He loves a good chat and is a very outgoing fellow. Some things really do never change: even after two years in Berlin, he still prefers his Bavarian wheat beer.

Valentin’s favorite Berliner Berg beer: Lager



Our international crew is completed by Daniel. During the daytime he bikes through Berlin, going from bar to bar, enthusiastically talking about the Bantam Pils and the specialties made by the Berliner Berg brewery. Come nighttime, Daniels turns on rockstar mode and hits the drums for Espen & the Witch.

Though, one thing stays the same day or night: This Brit is a beer lover looking to meet his equal!

Daniel’s favorite Berliner Berg beer: Pale Ale



On his own admission, our Pale Ale was the main reason he wanted to join the Berliner Berg team –  hence so much excitement for good beer, of course we couldn’t resist to welcome this lovely American boy in our team! Now, he’s twirling through the city to spread the word of pure Pale Ale love  😉

 Wes’ favorite Berliner Berg beer: Pale Ale


(Creative Department)

This creative Swedish tinkerer is always up for some fun. He is a trained photographer and the mastermind behind the well known Twinpigs bar in Berlin’s Neukölln.

Since the beginning of 2017, Pär has been swirling through our office. Nothing has been safe ever since: bars suddenly grew legs, beer dispensers run without electricity and each office has its very own bar – obviously fully equipped with finest Berliner Berg beer.

Pär’s favorite Berliner Berg beer: Easy Rider


(Bergschloss Queen)


Our head bartenders is the heroes behind the Bergschloss bar, holding the keys to happiness in her hands.  Eli has a true passion for bitter liquors. This half-Greek’s cocktails are to die for, so don’t miss out on them!

Elli’s favorite Berliner Berg beer: Cherry Pie


Laura is new to Berlin, but it already feels like home. The city fits her perfectly – and so do we! She supports us at the Bergschloss & during events.

Laura‘s favorite Berliner Berg beer: Choco Sour


(Relaxation Expert)

What would an office be like without a four-legged fur ball? – Depressing!

luckily we have two of them, who are great at distracting us from our work, make us laugh and sometimes even steal our lunch…


(Relaxation Expert)

What would an office be like without a four-legged fur ball? – Depressing!

luckily we have two of them, who are great at distracting us from our work, make us laugh and sometimes even steal our lunch…