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Our Brewery and Bergschloss

The Berliner Berg brewery

In the heart of Neukölln, the speciality brewery of Berliner Berg found its home in the fall of 2017.

From the outside, the courtyard behind our Bergschloss brewpub seems rather inconspicuous. But it accommodates modern brewing equipment geared towards craft beer according to German traditions.

With a brewhouse, lager, fermentation tanks, malt mill and a highly motivated brewmaster, the speciality brewery of Berliner Berg is home to passionate craftsmanship, a great love for brewing and rediscovering old traditions.

Right at Kopfstraße 59 you’ll find where our Berliner Berg specialties are being crafted with a focus on wild yeasts, which is why they need their own brewery: sour beer such as Berliner Weiße, barrel-aged beers and other special brews have a habit of not playing well with more regular beers. 

Here, Modern German Beer is brewed and lagered. Every Berliner Berg beer is crafted with carefully selected raw materials. Our beer is always unfiltered and regularly tested, so that we can assure absolute freshness and consistent quality.

Come visit us at Bergschloss so we can show you!

If we’re too far away for you, don’t worry! You can order our beer directly from the Berliner Berg Onlineshop and have it delivered to your doorstep.



Our taproom in the heart of Berlin Neukölln is the place where everything started back in 2015. Precisely for that reason, our love for detail and true craft shows in every corner of Bergschloss.

Every visitor entering this former lard factory immediately feels the charm of this historical building. The front is home to our inviting Bergschloss. A spacious courtyard leads to the building that hosts our brewmaster’s workplace.

As the flagship of the Berliner Berg brewery, Bergschloss offers a comfortable space for more than 40 guests. As a place to enjoy a beer after work or celebrate with friends, the brewpub invites you to taste Modern German Beer and have a great time!

Bergschloss has all Berliner Berg beers on tap, as long as supplies last. You can also grab a freshly filled growler or bottle so you can enjoy your favorite Berg beer at home.


Should you not live nearby, you can always order our Berliner Berg beer online and have it delivered right to your home or check out the Bergfinder: there might already be a pub or store in your area that has our beers in stock.


Fancy a beer or two? Why not come over for an exclusive beer tasting (up to 15 people) or brewery tour with your friends? Here are your options:



Available Wednesdays, Thursdays & Fridays from 5pm.
Brewery tour with one of our brewers and a 5-beer tasting with one of our beer-geeky bartenders afterwards. (takes roughly 1.5h)



Available Wednesday – Saturday from 5pm.
5-beer tasting with one of our beer-geeky bartenders (takes roughly 1h)


For reservations please contact us at


Berliner Berg tastings

During the tasting we will guide you step by step through the brewing process of our Berliner Berg beers. The focus is, however, on the tasting of five different beers crafted by our brewmaster. You’ll have the chance to be convinced of the results of our work. Our goal is to give each guest a piece of Berliner Berg tradition and spirit in the process.


10€ per person
ca 1h