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Our Seasonal Specialities

Our seasonal specialties and special editions bring a whole lot of fun to the game and celebrate the immense variety in tastes and flavors. These beers are brewed in Neukölln, Hohenthann, and different breweries in Berlin & other cities. Special brews are available until the tap goes dry. So don’t waste time and come by Bergschloss or one of our partners.

Special Brews

Our seasonal specialties and special editions bring a whole lot of fun to the game and celebrate the immense variety in tastes and flavors. Special brews are available until the tap goes dry. So don’t waste time and come by Bergschloss or one of our partners.


The summer is all about sun, sand and cycling. Sipping a crisp, refreshing beer after cycle ride is the perfect scenario for a summers day!
An easy drinking but full bodied 2.9% alcohol and a fresh citrus hop flavour courtesy of the Mandarina Bavaria and Lemondrop hop varieties this is our Berliner Berg Radlager, Prost!

Brewed in Hohenthann.


To profess our love for our neighbourhood and for German brewing tradition we brewed a Neuköllsch. In time for the Cologne Carnival and with a tiny wink, we present to you our Berliner Berg Neuköllsch.

Brewed with Magnum, Azacca & Cascade, our Neuköllsch has a well-balanced flavor profile and is extremely drinkable at 4.8% alcohol. A fresh, light grassy aroma and slight bitterness, paired with a creamy head and a classic Kölsch light colour.

Brewed in Neukölln & Hohenthann.

Irish Stout aka Schwarzfahrer

Our bow to Dublin Dry Stouts results in the post-modern version of a classic: the Berliner Berg Irish Stout. We call it “Schwarzfahrer” in reference to the German term for fare dodgers. Since we can’t encourage such behavior, the slim body and 4.4% alcohol content of our Irish Stout offer an equally exciting experience!

Schwarzfahrer is crafted with a combination of carefully selected British and German malts, creating a harmonic bouquet of roasting flavors, coffee and chocolate. A perfectly balanced and delicious stout.

Brewed in Hohenthann.

Bitter Sweet Double IPA

This limited edition of the early summer of 2017 surprises with exciting flavors and tropical vibes thanks to ripe mango, pineapple and citrus notes. Azacca and Zythos hops make sure that the beer’s bitter finish wins the day. This Berliner Berg beer is an impressive DIPA with an alcohol content of 7.5%. We are quite amazed at how spot on this batch has turned out. Brewed with a conspiratorial smile and a pinch of melancholy: our Berliner Berg Bitter Sweet Double IPA.

Brewed in Hohenthann.

Biere de Garde

Although France is mainly known as the buoyant country of crisp croissants and red wine, our neighbors also have a long tradition of beer brewing. Bière de Garde translates as “beer for keeping.” We tied in with the French classic and reinvented the beer as “3 Berge Bier”: one of the strongest beers ever brewed at Berliner Berg with fine notes of caramel and nuts and an alcohol content of 7.5%.

Brewed in Berlin.

Wet Hop Series

Brewing this kind of beer requires a skilled craftsman and coordinated teamwork. Green hops beer can only be made once a year. As the flavor of this special hops is extremely volatile, timing is everything when it comes to our Wet Hop Series. But it is a pleasure that literally melts in your mouth and that makes all the stress well worth it!

Wet Hop Series No.1 : IPA

The first of its kind: no.1 is the result of the 2016 harvest. Farmer Sepp Wittman was kind (or brave?!) enough to take us onto the fields with him when it was about time to harvest the umbels of Comet & Cascade.

First brewed in Great Britain for the Indian colonies, the IPA had to survive the long journey across the globe unscathed. This was guaranteed by adding loads of hops and a strong dose of alcohol to the recipe. Meeting the expectations of a long tradition, this Berliner Berg IPA is not for the light hearted. So buckle up and get ready for a fun ride!

Watch the video from our harvest with farmer Sepp!

Brewed in Hohenthann.

Wet Hop Series No.2 : Imperial Hopped Helles

The second addition to the Wet Hop family is popping up in taprooms in late fall 2017. This time around, we relied on Mandarina Bavaria from Hallertau as green hops and deliberately decide to go with a regionally inspired beer style. In September of the same year, we brewed our first Imperial Hopped Helles, a beer that is available from November on, while supplies last. So hurry and come taste the green-stained smell of grass, crackling and fresh.

Did you know? The name “Imperial” derives from the high malt content of the beer. More malt results in a higher alcohol content, which makes this beer a drink for those whose taste buds simply can’t get enough.

Brewed in Hohenthann.


Our collaboration beers are limited special brews, crafted in partnership with like-minded breweries. They give the brewmasters plenty of room for experimentation and the opportunity to put their full creativity to practice.

We are very dedicated to these partnerships, as they constantly move the industry forward, while elevating the craft. And besides all that, it is twice as much fun to brew with good friends!

Cherry Pie

What began in the summer of 2016 as a partnership with the Hamburg-based Ratsherren Brauerei resulted in a wonderfully malty and top-fermented Belgian Dubbel that goes all in with an alcohol content of 7.5%. Brewed on a  massive pile of sour cherries, this lusciously red Berliner Berg beer sold out within the blink of an eye. Luckily, we’re lagering a couple of bottles for special occasions. Just come by Bergschloss and give the bartenders a wink. They might be able to help you out with a taste of our delicious Cherry Pie.

Brewed in Berlin.

Easy Rider

Dive in and enjoy this high voltage hop hit with an exquisitely low amplitude! Our Easy Rider with an alcohol content of only 2.8% is the perfect summer session Ale. Inspired by the German Radler, this Berliner Berg was crafted in cooperation with Brew Dog in Berlin Mitte.

This lightweight beer is an honest and almost therapeutic treat after long rides. It’s no surprise that we made loads of new friends when we brought it to the Bike Polo in Leipzig. Are you curious yet? Well, then it’s about time for you to take that ride! Prost!

After the steep success of the first batch, we are happy to announce that we will continue to brew Easy Rider in the upcoming spring season. This time around it will not only be available on draft, but also in fancy Berliner Berg bottles. The next road trip is already planned!

Brewed in Hohenthann.


If you ever order a “Herrengedeck”, you will be served what is also called a boilermaker: a beer and a schnaps! Depending on your location, the latter could be a Whisky, Cognac or a clear spirit. Sounds like the start of a mighty good night, doesn’t it?

We admit, in times of gender equality, the term seems quite obsolete and not free from criticism. But fortunately the years of “Damengedeck” are behind us! A blend of champagne and non-alcoholic beverages never quite hit the spot. Long live emancipation!

Only decades ago, a common order in every good old German “Kneipe”, the “Herrengedeck” suffered from an image loss as the result of the deteriorating quality of its single components. Boring industrial beers and mediocre schnaps turned the former luxury drink into a cheap way to get wasted.

Our version of the Herrengedeck is reshuffling the cards. Two bottles of Berliner Berg accompanied by a small Stork Club Whisky  are hitting all the right nerves. Are you looking forward to a great night with your best friend? Then get your hands on our Herrengedeck, which can be found in assorted shops and online!