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Specialties made at Kopfstraße

Our brewmaster has been working on exciting new creations since the inauguration day of the Berliner Berg brewery at Kopfstraße 59. When our brewery opened in Fall 2017, we started to experiment with traditional sour beers, the classic Berliner Weiße and with whiskey or rum barrels aged beers.

They are all special editions, available only for a limited time. If they are out, then they are out.

Sour Beer

For far too long, these old beer styles have been met with little love in Germany. Very few breweries tried to keep the tradition alive. What a pity, considering that sour beers are a refreshing thirst quenchers sent from heaven.

Luckily, our brewmaster has a great love for traditional beer styles.

The results of his work: unique sour beers such as Gose, Lambic and deliciously fruity brews. Always fresh, always special and we guarantee, no bottle of the same kind will ever taste like the other.

Berliner Weiße

The Berliner Berg Berliner Weiße is a classical wheat beer. We don’t agree with the common misconception that it is “OK” to mix a decent beer with poison-green syrup, which is often added to make the sourness more palatable. We prefer to play the game according to the rules of traditional German brewing art.

What makes our Berliner Weiße sell like hot cakes is a special recipe involving lactic acid bacteria and wild yeasts. The beer is filled up in pretty champagne bottles, giving it a chance to referment in a bottle. It was not without reason that Napoleon’s soldiers called Berliner Weiße the “Champagne of the North”.

Barrel-Aged Beers

The aging of beers in wooden barrels of all kinds has a long tradition, especially in Belgium, where the art of brewing Gueze and Lambic goes far back in time. If you walk into our brewery at Kopfstraße 59, you’ll already see that the barrels that formerly aged Sherry, Whiskey and Rum, are ready to be filled up or carry a belly full of the best Berliner Berg beer, receiving a last finish.

The barrels we are so excited about were a present from Spreewood Distillers, our dear friends from Schlepzig in the beautiful Spreewald. They are pretty cool guys, crafting impressive liquors with an honest character and style.

In partnership with the Spreewood crew, we reinterpreted the “Herrengedeck” as an homage to a piece of German culture.