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Looking to the Future and Meeting the Past

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So this week we took a little trip down to Nürnberg for the BrauBeviale hoping to catch a glimpse into the future and ended up meeting a piece of our Brewmaster’s past!

Before we get all nostalgic and teary eyed let’s talk about why we were in Nürnberg and what we saw while we were there. The BrauBeviale is an annual trade fair covering all aspects of Beverage production and consumption, from the moment of conception to the point it hits your lips, BrauBeviale aims to showcase new ideas, solutions and innovations.

It’s also the kind of place that you can’t walk two feet without bumping into a friend or two. We ended up sharing a drink with the Vagabund team at the Wilhelm Eder Barrel Stage, maybe we will lay something down in some oak together in the future! You will have to forgive the clarity of the picture, this was taken after sampling a tequila barrel aged Double IPA!


Although its always good to catch up wtih old friends we were primarily there to research some new hop and malt specialities, particularly some Belgian malts and new hops coming out of the Hop Research Center in Hüll. The work being done down in Hüll is really fascinating and thanks to the bold, unique and daring new flavours these hops provide is super exciting for the both German and global craft beer movement. Hops such as Hüll Melon, Madarina Bavaria and Polaris are already being used in world class beers around the globe. Here is our Brewmaster Richie investigating his favourite ingredient.


Although we went to Nürnberg looking to the future we were privileged to run into someone who took us back to the beginning of craft brewing and the origins of our Brewmaster’s beer journey. In 1978, the same year American law was changed to reopen the market to small breweries, Charlie Papazian founded the American Homebrewers Association. The following year he founded the Association of Brewers, in 1984 he published “The Joy of Home Brewing” and went on to establish among other things both The Great American Beer Festival and Zymurgy Magazine – to say this guy is a bit of big deal is a slight understatement.

In particular for Richie our brewmaster the relevance of meeting Charlie was huge. “The Joy of Home Brewing” was Richie’s first reference point when starting out some 21 years ago and has been the launch pad for countless home brewers and subsequently craft breweries. We did not go to the BrauBeviale in search of the past, but meeting Charlie was an incredible privilege and has only galvanised us to honour his inspiration and achievements by making better and better beer going forward. Charlie if you are reading this, thank you and cheers!