Tradition. Neugebraut.

This is more than a catchy marketing slogan for us. It's our honest vision and our company's true belief. It guides our company culture, our business model and our products.

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For us, it's the combination of German brewing traditions and international craft-beer culture. This is our compass to create amazing products that showcase our passion for beer variety. Our guide to guarantee quality and consistency in our beers while being inspired by the city of Berlin.

Second brewery in the making

We are building a new modern brewery in Berlin

Since we started in 2015, we wanted to build an independent, modern brewery in our beloved city of Berlin. But building a buisness is difficult, so we started as contract brewers and brew our core assortment in the Hohenthanner Schlossbrauerei. Now, we count the days till we can brew all of our beers in our own production brewery close to the Berlin S-bahn in Neukölln. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for regular updates!

Bergschloss brewery

Tradition. Neugebraut.

In a small Neukölln backyard, we celebrate our love for sour beer: Here we have built our specialty brewery and at the center is our Berliner Weisse. Brewed according to the traditional brewing method and made using a special mashing process - handmade quality that you can taste! We also have a small wooden barrel cellar in the brewery, where we age beers. We release these exeptional beers regularly as the Bergschloss series.


Our Bergschloss in Neukölln

Our cozy Bergschloss is made for you to stay! 9 taps pouring Berliner Berg beers as well as guest beers. Vistit us!

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